Start a Pool Table Hiring Company

Pool or snooker tables are a popular way to socialise in South Africa. Start your own business hiring out coin-operated pool tables to entertainment venues.

The business
The pool tables are hired on a month to month basis. You can have two business models: one a flat monthly rental fee, the other a split taking, where you split the revenue from the pool table on a percentage basis, 50/50, 60/40 or whatever has been agreed upon.

Acquiring second hand (but good condition) pool tables will allow you to get started even cheaper. Make sure you get a good supplier for coin mechanism, cloths, cues and chalk. You may have to do time and again maintenance at venues, replace coin slots, replace torn cloth etc.

You can also decide how much to charge depending on the venue, if it’s a lower income area you can have a single R2 slot, but more affluent areas you can have 2x R2 slots. Just because you charge more does not mean you will make more money as a R2 pool table can still be more than twice as busy as a R4 pool table.

Growing the business
To grow this business you can add more pool tables to your stock. Some venues will be able to accommodate more than one pool table, but you should be looking for more venues to add.

Finding venues
Keep your eyes open in your local newspaper for new establishments applying for liquor licenses, this is usually done before the place opens, this will allow you a better chance to get a place for your pool tables.

Have a strict contract with the venue owner, outlining revenue share or split, who is liable for damages etc.

This is a business that can be started part time, with a short break-even period, when you have accumulated enough pool tables you can then get into it full time.

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