Start a Portable Storage Container Business

The portable storage container business provides shipping containers on a very similar basis to the skip rental in a rubble removal service. The shipping container is dropped at a clients place, they fill it with whatever and you deliver the container with its contents to its destination where it is unloaded. This business makes moving and storage easier and less stressful.

The shipping container is ordered and it is delivered to the clients premises where it is left in their possession. They will determine how long they want it for and if they want you to store it or just take it straight to the destination.

The revenue streams are as follows:
Fee for drop-off, collection and delivery
Daily fee for rental
Maybe an optional unpacking fee (you need to unpack fast so containers and trucks are not tied up long)

How this business is operated
The company will have a warehouse to store empty and filled containers
Truck to lift and transport containers
And a lot of shipping containers

Market Need
This is a very convenient way to move and store, packing, loading and moving on the clients schedule. Unlike traditional moving they not going to have people all up in their face, shimmying around like Puff Daddy in a BadBoy music video.

There is also an opportunity in the business-to-business sector supplying contractors as they move between sites.

You can also compete with existing storage providers but offer a more portable solution. A container can be taken to a warehouse and stored and then moved around if need be.