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Rubble removal is the process of collecting and disposing of large amounts of waste on behalf of clients. Here are some ideas on how to start your own rubble removal business.

Many years ago bakkies and trucks were mainly used to remove rubble, this created a problem for the removal company as they had to wait for the rubble to be loaded into their vehicle (which could take hours) but it also usually required a helper as it was expected that the rubble removal company put the rubble in the vehicle. This meant that the company could only do one or two trips a day.

This has been replaced by the “skip bin” system, basically the removal company drops a skip bin at the clients property or site, the client fills it up (this is also better for the client as the rubble is basically put in a large dirtbin and not laying around) and then calls the removal company to remove the skip when ready, the removal company fetches the skip, is paid and dumps the contents in a designated (legal) dumping site.

Skip bin
Skip bin

This means that the rubble business can now be operated by just one person (the driver of the vehicle), as the skips is loaded and offloaded mechanically.

Types of skips
There are popularly two types of skips being used today in the rubble removal business – the full size and the mini skip bin, usually around 2m² or 3m² (about half the size of the full one), the full size is mostly used in building sites, but I have also seen mini bins being used particularly at the end of a project when there is not enough rubble left to fill a full size bin – if a full size cost R600 and a mini cost R350 then it is pointless to pay R250 extra if the rubble will fit in a mini. The mini bin is often used by home owners for garden refuse and household renovation waste. It is also used by companies on a weekly basis if they produce a lot of waste that is too much for municipal bins.

The skip bins can usually be rented for a day, weekend, week or month (with various pricing structure).

How to get started
A full size skip operation will require a truck with the necessary hydraulics or skip bin trailer. You will also need the necessary licensing (code 10) to drive the truck. You will be able to deliver and pickup full size and mini size skips with a truck and proper equipment.

A mini skip business can be started with a bakkie and a hydraulic trailer and of course the bins.

This way of doing rubble removal is far more scalable than the old way, as all you are doing now is dropping off and collecting bins. You can do ten even twenty jobs a day, meaning your earnings can increase in proportion.

Getting the equipment
There are numerous companies that specialise in the manufacture of custom trailers. You can also have the bins manufactured. It is advisable to first get quotes from companies that manufacture both separately to compare to those selling it together as a package to see which will be cheaper.

Disposing of the waste
The waste needs to be disposed of in a proper and legal manner, municipalities operate dump or tip sites across the country. But many of those are only free for households and you may have to pay for every load you dispose of. Depending of the waste being removed, if you are removing paper or cardboard that can be sold to recyclers for extra money.

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