Start Your Own Public Toilet Advertising Agency

Public toilets have lots of foot traffic and a captive audience for adverts. Start your own business selling advertising space in public toilets. But this is not just about making money it could help solve a problem in South Africa: a lack of public toilets.

The public toilet advertising business
There are numerous ways to advertise in toilets:
On toilet doors (back and front)
Above urinals in male toilets (using snap frames)
On mirrors
On the walls

Toilet door advertising
Toilet door advertising
Urinal advertising
Urinal advertising
Ad on mirror
Ad on mirror

Educate yourself
Familiarize yourself with the various techniques used in toilet advertising or signage. You can check out our sister site for ideas

Approach property (toilet) owners
You need toilets that generate a lot of foot traffic, and you will need a way to get a estimate of how many people visit that toilet daily in your pitch to advertisers (so you can charge accordingly). This will suit places like clubs (people often visit the toilet when drinking alcohol) but it will also suit public places where lots of people pass or even large buildings. Once you get advertisers on board try to tie them to long term contracts for recurring revenue and to better negotiate with toilet owners.

Solving South Africa’s public toilet crises
There is a lack of public restrooms in South Africa. Not only that but certain shopping centers have started implementing paid toilets in order to pay for a cleaner (and customers running around looking for a loose R1 or R2 to they can relieve themselves which is ridiculous). You can approach places like this and tell them that you will pay them a monthly fee that will cover the cost of the cleaner in order to exclusively advertise in their toilets. You can start out by telling them that they do not have to remove the coin operated infrastructure just disable it as that may be a sticking point. It is also important to understand that some toilet owners have a charge or a “ask for a key” policy to prevent homeless people from washing in the facilities and causing a major mess. But with a full time cleaner until closing time this can be avoided. Note if it is male and female toilets you may need two cleaners (male and female) so just think about that.

I want to take these ideas further in future as public toilets even in “world class” cities like Cape Town is a (excuse the pun) shit show, and I think local entrepreneurs could apply their mind in improving it – and making some money in the process.

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