Start a Regional Marketplace to Buy and Sell Websites & Domain Names

Websites like Flippa facilitate the buying and selling of websites but it is heavily slanted towards popular domain suffixes such as .com, .net and .org (well mainly .com) as well as popular developed countries.

There exists an opportunity in most countries to operate a marketplace to buy and sell country specific top-level domains and other web assets.

The opportunity
Many countries does not have a very good platform to sell internet assets and needs some liquidity in the local namespace.

The challenge
In many countries there is not a liquid market for domain names and other Internet assets because the Internet is not well understood by the general population and many refuse to accept they have to pay a premium for premium domains. So it may require a change in mindset as well. So you need to build a site which is easy to understand and advertise the site and some public relations work dealing with the opportunities on the Internet.

The plan
The marketplace facilitates the buying and selling of websites, domain names and other Internet related projects. It also deals with surplus websites and domain names that companies no longer use and want to dispose of. It also sells domain names with logos. The main objectives are to help connect people with ideas with people better at execution as well as create a liquid market for the country’s web assets.

Services to include:
• Website listings
• Short term website hosting (month-to-month) [operate as reseller]
• Escrow service [outsource to company with relevant experience]
• Brokerage & Due Diligence [take on partner if you do not have the relevant expertise]

To create a secondary and liquid market for the country’s web assets

Business model
 The website charges a either fixed rate for listings with zero commissions or free listing with commission.
 Listings are valid for one month if not sold or removed
 The website will also resell domain name registration and web hosting services aimed at people buying and selling websites.
 The website will make money selling premium listings prominently featured on the site

Where to find people to list domains with you
Many countries without a liquid market always have mavericks advertising domain names in the local classifieds or on auction websites, check the domains whois registration details and send the seller an Email inviting them to try your new service.

Getting traction will likely be challenging especially since it will require a change of mindset in many countries. But if you can get enough people to buy (and sell) into your concept to understand what you want to achieve then they will see if you succeed it will be a win-win situation.