Start a Rubberising Business

A rubberising business offers the service of coating surfaces with polyurethane and similar chemicals in order to protect it. In South Africa rubberising is most popularly used for bakkie linings and on roofs.

Getting Started
This business requires the spray tool gun, usually connected to a compressor and the polyurethane rubber chemical.

Business Model
This is a business where you offer the rubberising service whether it is for vehicles or homes in exchange for a fee.

This business offers a rubberising services to both consumers and other businesses, the most popular use for this service in SA is rubberising / polyurethane lining the back of a bakkie which helps protect the bakkie’s loading bay against wear and tear by adding a tough and water resistant skin to it

It can also be used on roofs, where it is used for waterproofing the roof.

Other items that are rubberised include: trailers, floors and boats

Target Market
This business can be targeted at both businesses (industrial applications) and consumers (vehicle and home).

Sales & Marketing
When marketing this business it is important to focus on the benefits of rubberising: rust protection, waterproofing, abrasion protection, anti slip etc.

Bakkie rubberising

Poly-Tec:Rubberising of a Nissan Navara

Testing our newly designed nozzle for low pressure polyurethane application machines. Poly-Tec Industrial Urethane. South Africa, Mornay Schoombie 083 270 6553

Roof rubberising

Poly-Tec:Rubberising of a corrugated roof

You also get an industrial rubber spraying machine

Rubber Spraying Machine

Demonstration of spraying urethane molding rubber Instagel Spray 40 is manufactured by Industrial Polymers Corporation USA. 713-943-8451 800-766-3832. Direct manufacturer of a complete line of flexible mold making rubbers and rigid casting resins. Used for making bronze moulds, theming, artificial rock, special effects and movie props.

Business Model Service
Equipment  Spray gun, compressor
Material Polyurethane (black)
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Industry Rust protection, waterproofing

Image credit: Rubberising Specialist