Start a Sneaker Reselling Business

A sneaker reselling business buys popular sneakers and then resells it on a secondary market. The secondary sneaker market is a $1 billion a year industry (and growing).

There is massive sneaker culture that collects and trades branded sneakers and hundreds of websites and communities, there’s even a “stock exchange” for sneakers.

Business Model
This business model involves buying certain shoes from shops and then later reselling it, you can also buy from the secondary market to be resold later on again. The main goal of this business is to find a place to buy the most sought after shoes that can be resold at a profit. Next you need to find places to sell your shoes. Locally you should look out for Facebook groups that deal in the secondary sneaker market, if you want to sell internationally you can sell via Flight Club or StockX.

What kind of takkies to buy
The two brands that are the most popular on the secondary market is Nike (including Jordan) and Adidas.

You need to understand the market. This business is really for someone already passionate about sneakers, some of you are probably sitting there shaking your head that this is a “thing”. But Nick Loper sums it up nicely:

By carefully and expertly hyping each new product launch, the manufacturers cater to loyal fans — and strategically never quite make enough to fully satisfy the demand. It’s that constant shortfall on the supply side that fuels the resale market.

Here is an online course to give you a primer into this business, what it covers includes:

  • How to get shoes that sell out instantly and resell them for profit $$$ ( Jordans, Yeezys etc.)
  • How to get rare / limited shoes before they release to the public
  • How to create your own website
  • How to get shoes that only release in foreign countries
  • How to buy and when to sell

Cash & Kicks : A Beginners Guide To Reselling | Udemy

How Anyone Can Cash In On The Billion Dollar Sneaker Business