Start a Tent & Marquee Hire Business

Tent and marquee hire is a hiring business with a clear path to profitability but it has its challenges due to its large size. Here is how to get started.

What is tent and marquee hire?
When people want to host events (weddings, funerals, parties, etc.) they will hire tents and marquees to host the function. Whether it’s to protect from sun and wind or just because they want a particular setting but it does not have function space. Sometimes space requirements will warrant the use of tents and marquees.

The business model
The business owner would purchase the tents and marquees and then hire it out by the day, putting it up and taking it down. What makes this business model easier to break even that a lot of other hiring business is that tent hire is expensive with usually fixed rates, yes you have to cover the transport and put it up and take it down but once breakeven is reached the margins are higher than most hiring businesses. Marquees and tents also don’t have the electrical malfunction problems of other hiring businesses, it can be easily patched if need be.

Target market
This is part of the event hiring business, we have looked at various opportunities in this realm before (Stage Rental, Temporary Fence Hire), there are others as well: table and chair hire, catering, sound etc. You can also link up with event planners and offer a service through them.

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