Start Your Own Tourism Business

Tourism is a massive industry in South Africa and one with plenty of opportunity. Start your own tourism business.

The opportunity
Tourism is travel for pleasure as well the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourist can be from other countries (international) or from your own country (domestic or local).

Starting out
Where you start in the industry depends on the amount of capital you have at your disposable. If you starting with nothing or very little then you going to have to enter on the ground floor something along the lines of a tour guide. Where you can plan a tour, partner with or hire someone with a vehicle (and necessary permits). And you are the tour guide sharing useful information while the tour is in progress (and answer any questions).

Which area
Often people think that they need to be in a popular area already known for tourism, this is not true, and in fact there will be more competition in such areas. You need to find a niche, no matter where you are located. For example if you live in an area like Athlone in Cape Town you can do a tour about the history of the area under apartheid and take people to the various memorials such as the Trojan Horse Massacre site and the Robert Waterwitch and Coline Williams Memorial. If you live in an area that in the past had an industry such as beer you can take people to the old brewing sites. If you live close to historic sites that is another great area to tour.

Growing your business
To give the full experience, you will need a tour guide, transport and accommodation. While starting out those services can be outsourced, to grow your business in future you can purchase a vehicle and a guest house or small hotel.

More Information
Getting your tourism business off the ground