Start a Tyre to Oil Plant

I’ve looked at the various business opportunities in the tyre recycling industry before. Today I’ll cover something different – the waste tyre to fuel oil recycling plant.

How tyre to oil plants work
Tyre to oil uses a process called pyrolysis this can be done in large industrial machines but can also be done DIY especially in rural areas like the video below:

How to get started
Any tyre recycling business requires a lot of tyres, so you need to get a constant source of tyres. With Redisa insolvent there has opened up opportunities in this field. You need to set up a drop off point or at least have collection agreements with various companies such as tyre sellers.

In my opinion a large scale tyre to oil factory will need some kind backing in the form of a subsidy. Now the tyre industry has already come to the party by paying a levy to government for projects like Redisa but that project has collapsed.

My advice to you is to try to start off small scale, and then approach stakeholders in the industry; the problem is that companies are still paying a levy to government they may not want to outlay dual money. It is something to look into nonetheless.

Business Model
The oil produced from is a fuel oil that can either be sold as is to a refiner or can be refined yourself into diesel with the right equipment.

This is something we will look into again in future, as we look at how small businesses can benefit from large scale initiatives. Be sure to subscribe to Email updates or to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates.

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