Start an Upmarket Car Wash

An upmarket car wash is a carwash based in an affluent area that specialises in washing high-end cars.

Most wealthy people don’t have the time to wash their own cars so they take it to a carwash, most importantly a car wash that can do the job with care and attention that will not scratch the car when washed.

Location is very important in this business, you want an exclusive venue where the cars can be carefully washed. One of the best locations for such a business is inside the underground parking lot of a building in an affluent area, whether its in a office, retail or residential building. People can simply drive into the car wash and the car can be washed while they work, shop or sit at home removing the need to collect and drop off cars.

You need to learn proper cleaning process a lot of scratches on cars are causes by improper washing and you need to avoid this at all cost.

Then there is the matter of cleaning materials and equipment, for materials you need to use expensive branded chemicals both to wash and wax. Most car washes in the luxury car wash business uses Meguiar’s products. As you will see they are not cheap, but your clients will demand the best.

  • Then you will need cleaning tools:
    Microfiber cloths – comes in various densities or GSM (grams per square meter), each having a different use, window towers are usually in 200 – 250 GSM, while paint and interior towels are 350-400 GSM. Use different towels for different areas of the car. One for paint, one for interior plastic and one for doors. By keeping them separate you can avoid potential scratching. Microfiber cloths are critical to avoid scratches on the paint jobs.
  • Grit guards and washboards – this fits inside of your wash and rinse buckets and traps the dirt at the bottom of the bucket minimising the chance of it being reintroduced to the paint and causing scratches. The washboard attach to the grit guards giving you an area to scrub the mitt clean after each section of washing
  • Foam cannon – attaches to hose or pressure washer, the foam cannon mixes air, water and soap to create a foam that coats the paint and removes the heavy dirt without scratching the surface prior to handwashing.
  • Rinse bucket – clean water to rinse the dirt off your equipment between washes which minimises washing swirls
  • Wheel woolie – allows you to clean the back of the rim with ease
  • Compressed air blower – after car is dried with a microfiber cloth there is still water left in hard to reach places that drips out causing streaking, compressed air blows the water out of the tight spots so it can be dried up with the microfiber cloth so it does not drip down the car.
  • Merino or lambswool wash mitt – lifts dirt away from the surface minimising scratching that may occur from from grinding dirt particles into the clearcoat (sponges, towels and brushes should not be used for washing cars as it pushes the dirt across the paint and may leave fine scratches as a result).
  • Clay bar – only used if paint feels rough to the touch.
  • Waffle-weave glass towel – made specifically for cleaning glass.
  • Bug sponge – designed to remove bugs and tar stains stuck to cars.

These tools are essential for safe and scratch free cleaning. Something very important in this segment of the market, you will charge a premium price for your service and you need to do a premium job.