Take Aerial Videos at Events

An aerial view of events is always a nice addition of the events filming to make it more memorable. Start your own business taking aerial videos of events.

Getting started
To start a aerial video business you will need a drone and a camera. It goes without saying that you will need to know how to operate it properly (or hire someone who can) as you don’t want it crashing into people. Now starting out for smaller events you can probably make-do with a GoPro and a capable drone. As a rule of thumb the more expensive the drone the longer flying time, the longer the range and the bigger the payload. Here is a guide to GoPro drones. The drone won’t be in the sky the whole event but just during parts as it’s mainly for highlights. Also, always have spare batteries.

If you looking to make higher resolution videos you going to have to use a more expensive camera which will need a bigger compatible drone to hold the heavier camera (AKA the “payload”), you may also want to use a zoom camera is that you don’t have to get too close to the crowd. But you can see what works for you.

Types of events to target
This is a good business to target at events such as music festivals, running, racing events etc.
You can also target other types of clients such as music videos (see video embedded below for a good example) or even sports matches.
While I’ve seen weddings being filmed with a drone I personally would not want a drone buzzing around my wedding. But maybe that’s just me and you may get that type of work.

Equipment needed
Camera with video functionality
Drone capable of holding camera

Skills needed
Ability to fly drone

Here is a nice video filmed on Lions Head with a drone:

Photo credit: Alec Jacobs