Take Instant Photos at Venues

Venue photography can be a lucrative venture if you can get into a busy venue such as a popular pub.

What you will be doing is basically asking people if they would like their photo taken. After the photo is taken, the memory card is removed from the camera and put into an instant printer. The photo is then printed in a few minutes.

Photo being printed
Photo being printed

The photo paper and ink will set you back around R5 per photo. It is very common to charge at least R20 per photo, translating to a profit of around R15 per photo. You may have to pay the venue something, however you can tell the venue you will brand the photo with their logo which doubles up as a marketing tactic in exchange for using their venue for free.

Equipment needed
Digital Camera with a decent flash (a consumer level Canon SLR will do the trick, an older model is fine.)
Canon Selphy Photo Printer
Canon Selphy Photo paper and ink


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