Take and Sell Photos of South African Landmarks

It does not matter where you live in South Africa you will have a beautiful landscape or interesting landmark in close proximity. Photos of these places can be sold on stock photo websites as well as printed on items such as t-shirts or mouse pads on print on demand websites.

There are a lot of free courses and tips online that will teach you the basics of photography, not only that but you may already have a decent enough camera on your phone to take acceptable photos.

Photographing money
Photographing money


Type Service
Equipment Phone or camera
Suppliers Fotomoto, Foap and Clashot are places to sell your cell phone photos.  CafePress, Zazzle and Red Bubble are places where you can sell your photos printed on various items.
Setup cost Not much if you already have a smart phone with excellent camera
Sector Photography & Video / Film

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