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There are over one and a half billion people in the world who speaks English. Most of them speak English as a second language. There is a huge demand for native speakers of English who were born, grew up and live in an English speaking country. The only problem is that American teachers and other experts from top tier countries typically charge over $15 (R195) per hour, which is quite expensive for most English learners from European, Asian and other countries.
So, if you’re living in South Africa and speak English fluently, you have a great advantage, because you can charge less money per hour, but have more clients and make more money in the end!

Work specifics
In an ideal world, you would have chat conversations with your students via Skype and get paid directly to your PayPal account. The problem is that if there is a huge demand for English teachers, there must be a big competition. Although looking for students and working with them directly is also possible, most teachers prefer using special services that connect teachers and students.

Most popular of them are:
Italki – this is a huge community of English teachers and learners with over 3 million registered members.
Preply – just create a profile and get access to students who are looking for a teacher.

Who learns English?
It’s important to notice that there are different needs. Not everyone is willing to improve his communication skills. Some students are getting ready to pass TOEFL exam. The others are interesting in moving to the United States, so they need help in preparing for IELTS.
Some people need one-time help with writing a cover letter and so on and so forth.

Tools and skills needed
When it comes to teaching English, you need to have a laptop (not necessarily the fastest one), or an iPad. Modern devices have high-quality webcams and high-quality built-in microphones, so nothing else is needed. Needless to say, you have to have a stable and fast Internet connection (an Internet speed of 1mbps would be fast enough for video calls).
Don’t forget to smile! Nobody cares about your degree in philology. In most cases, your students will be intermediate English learners who learn English for everyday communication.

Earning potential
Typically English teachers charge from $10 (around R130) per hour. If you are ready to work for two hours per day, this can easily bring additional $500 (R6500) a month into your pocket.
Watch the following short yet informative video teaching you have to become a brilliant English teacher and make more money:

How To Become A Brilliant English Teacher

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