Start a Yoga Instructor Training Business

Even though yoga originated hundreds of years ago in India and remained unknown on the African continent for a long period of time, today it is extremely popular in South Africa. Yoga is not a newfangled trend in our country. It initially become popular in the 1960s. Many South Africans even left the country to study it abroad. This business idea is about starting your own yoga instructor school and training people who would like to offer yoga lessons.

Getting Started

Becoming a yoga instructor is a there is a process to follow. First, you have to learn  yoga skills. Second, you have to get certified. This usually involves a 200 hour course. Like any training business you do not have to do the lessons yourself, once you have rented office space, you can hire certified yoga instructors to offer lessons.


Offering a 30-day intensive yoga training‎ will be the most reasonable idea. This is quite enough for an average person who already has some level of understanding of yoga. But for people will not a lot of time on their hands offering a 3-5-month training course and having classes twice a week is another option to look at.

Equipment Needed

An average person might think that the only tool needed for yoga training is yoga mat, but in reality, there are few extra items you will need to buy. Some of them are:

  • yoga mats;
  • blankets;
  • bolsters;
  • chairs;
  • meditation cushions;
  • blocks;
  • eye pillows.
Target Market

It’s quite obvious that since your product is not for beginners, but for people who already have an interest or understand the benefits of yoga and want to make extra money by offering yoga lessons.

There is an easy marketing strategy you can apply in order to start this business from scratch:

  1. Firstly, you offer a bunch of free lessons online. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook videos – there are plenty of opportunities. Your goal is to teach average people the basic skills of yoga.
  2. Secondly, you offer your paid services for those who are interested in making money from their hobby.


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