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Start a Adult Education Business

Adult Education Business Adult education business refers to starting your own school for adults who want to learn new skills and gain knowledge in a particular area. The best way to run this business is not only teaching and tutoring but offering adult education, training and employment services because the most important reason why adults learn new skills is the desire to find a new job with a higher salary.  Business Models ●     Adult and continuing education business; […]

Education: South Africa’s Next Big Small Business

I have spoken endlessly in the past about making money from government incompetence. We’ve seen the health and security industries boom under the current dispensation as those state services go to shit. We have also seen the education landscape change with entrants such as Curro and ADvTECH – backed by private equity – rapidly expanding. However I believe that South Africa’s education is so poor that even Curro and ADvTECH will eventually be disrupted. Here […]

Start a Yoga Instructor Training Business

Even though yoga originated hundreds of years ago in India and remained unknown on the African continent for a long period of time, today it is extremely popular in South Africa. Yoga is not a newfangled trend in our country. It initially become popular in the 1960s. Many South Africans even left the country to study it abroad. This business idea is about starting your own yoga instructor school and training people who would like to offer […]

Education & Training Business Ideas in South Africa

South Africa’s poor education system and high unemployment rate has opened up various business opportunities in the education and training industry. With millions of unskilled South Africans with no jobs and no hope besides learning a skill this industry should grow in future. Start a Tutoring Agency Start a Forklift Training Company Start Your Own Occupational Health & Safety Training Business Start a Photography School Open a Computer Training Centre

Start a Massage Training Business

A massage training business runs training and courses teaching people various message techniques and upon completion issues a certificate so that they can find employment or open their own business. This is a business that requires little to get started for both you and your students. Introduction There is a big demand in South Africa for training courses that teaches people a skill that they can use later on or start a business with little […]

Open a Computer Training Centre

Technological progress has led to increased interest in computer technology. What is familiar and ordinary for today’s youth is a rather unfamiliar object for older generations. And this is understandable, because when they were young, they simply did not have the opportunity to understand all the wisdom of working on a computer. Moreover, there are both young and old people who would like to master particular skills like video editing, photo editing, working in Microsoft […]

Start a Photography School

Skills development is probably one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa today, that and the desire for people to better themselves (which can be taught with life coaching). Photography is a skill that can be easily learnt and not much is required to earn a living from it, making it perfect for unemployed or underemployed people to learn. Training businesses are hot right now especially those where the student, once qualified has a low […]

Start an Online English Teaching Agency

Millions of people around the world take English lessons online to learn the universal language in order to broaden their study and work opportunities. An English teaching agency offers teaching lessons over the internet. Here is how to get started. Introduction There are opportunities out there for people to teach English on various platforms, what an English teaching agency does is bring teachers together in an office setting (usually a call centre type setup) and […]

Create an Online Training Course and Sell it on Udemy

Do you have a passion for cooking? Maybe you are a fan of baking or dog training? Or you have some level of expertise in some other particular area like golf? That’s great because you can turn your skills into a successful business opportunity. Why not join Udemy, create your own online course and make some decent extra income? What is Udemy? Quick overview The more you learn, the more you earn, says Warren Buffett, who is […]

Start Your Own Occupational Health & Safety Training Business

Occupational health and safety training is the purpose of training employees in various occupational safety procedures. It is used for purposes of workplace safety (which could cover clients visiting premises as well) as well as compliance purposes where in some industries and for example on ships you need someone on board which has undergone certain training such as fire safety or first aid. Business model This is a simple training course business model, where people […]

Start a Forklift Training Company

A forklift (also known locally as a “hyster”) is a powered industrial truck used in warehouses to lift and move materials over short distances. Start your own business teaching people how to use a forklift to improve their career prospects. Getting started Firstly you are going to have to learn to use a forklift properly or hire an instructor to teach students. You will then need a forklift (can be rented by the day) as […]

Start a Tutoring Agency

A tutor is private teacher, typically one who teaches a single pupil or a very small group. Start a business offering a tutoring service comprising of various tutors and take a cut from each job that a tutor gets via your agency. What kinds of tutoring You can decide whether you want to focus on certain niches like education (extra lessons) and if you want to specialize in certain subjects. But you can also offer […]