Become a Web or App Developer

I know is all about having a sideline business alongside your main job but I want you to hear me out especially if you have a menial job and is earning minimum wage. By taking some time to learn a skill, especially one as in demand as computer programming (whether front-end design or back-end development) you will make your life much easier, it will open options to you like few other physical businesses can.

why you should quit your job to become a developer

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Once proficient, web or app development it will allow you to earn an income from solely your time, you don’t have to hold stock or run around to complete a job, you can earn an income from the comfort of your home and you can continue doing what you doing in your day job or if you saving towards studying to fulfill your dreams you can still do that.

Now I’m not going to lie to you there is going to me a learning curve if you’ve not been exposed to web design or development before, but this will vary person to person how soon you will grasp it. It will also depend on how much time you dedicate to learning.

Learning Materials
There is a lot of free online learning materials, that will guide you through the process. But a lot of them are not structured from the point of guiding you from start to finish; especially if you are new you won’t know what to learn next. I will link to online courses that will guide you from start to finish below.

The Web Developer Bootcamp (Web applications)

iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp (iPhone applications)

The Complete Android N Developer Course (Android applications)