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Start an Investment / Golden Visa Agency

Today we are looking at the golden visa business. An investment visa or golden visa is a immigration program which allows wealthy individuals to get a residence permit or even citizenship in another country simply by purchasing a house there or making a relatively large investment or donation. It is similar to a emigration business but unlike emigration that covers various types (skills, ancestral) this visa is based solely on money spent. Market Need South Africa […]

Start an Emigration Business

Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own. No one can share them with you. – Proverbs 14:10 Imagine this: you are driving down the road, the robot turns amber, you slow down, it turns red, you stop, a few moments later it turns green and you drive off. You are probably thinking BULLSHIT!  That is impossible! Stop making up stories that you don’t have to look around for smash and grabbers and highjackers […]