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Today we are looking at the golden visa business. An investment visa or golden visa is a immigration program which allows wealthy individuals to get a residence permit or even citizenship in another country simply by purchasing a house there or making a relatively large investment or donation. It is similar to a emigration business but unlike emigration that covers various types (skills, ancestral) this visa is based solely on money spent.

Market Need
South Africa has many insurmountable problems it is unlikely to get better in our lifetime if ever under the ANC. There are also many powder kegs waiting to blow that would turn the country far more unstable. On the local front we have the threat or mass poverty and unemployment, nothing causes a instability as fast as an empty stomach. Then there are millions of illegal foreigners (Somalians, Nigerians etc.) building little crime-ridden enclaves in our country. We have to assume that they are well armed and ready for war (as we have seen before they are armed to the teeth and even our local “no fear” taxi drivers are afraid of them) should they eventually be confronted by the South African authorities. It wouldn’t surprise me if they already have Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram members in their ranks. And I’m referring to Boko Haram proper not the guys in Mamelodi.

On the political front the ANC uses apartheid to justify their crimes and accuse anyone who challenge them of being “racist” – a word so often used in the most ridiculous context it has lost its meaning, much the same like the word “anti-semitic” in relation to Israel. The ANC voters are too dumb to realise this and act in their own best interest and rather decide to scurry like rats off a sinking ship to the DA run Western Cape to live in squatter camps so they have a chance of finding a job or their child has a chance of a decent education. Most live worse than animals while their leader claims politicians earning over R1m a year or R4000 per workday “struggle to make ends meet” and cannot go without even more benefits . Yet next election the ANC will come out tops again.

Thus the best that South Africans with common sense can hope for is the country continue to meander around aimlessly until they eventually die or – murdered – like this 72 year old man that was killed for his Ford Fiesta:

Sold yet?

So now that we know the why, let’s look at the how.

The Golden Visa Industry
This business targets exclusively wealthy individuals that want to leave South Africa for greener pastures. Many countries around the world offer permanent residence (and often later citizenship) in exchange to spending money there – and here is where the business model comes in. This money can be a form of investment, property purchase or donation and this business connects a wealthy local with an agency over there and gets a commission.

Often times a golden visa qualifying investment in a country has some strings attached, like you have to produce a certain amount of jobs in a certain amount of time. But you don’t know that market so there are companies that specialise in guaranteeing the process – at a premium. How does this work? They invest your money in something safe like a Krispy Kreme franchise in the US that employs minimum ten people (EB-5). They take care of all requirements, compliance and at the end of the day you get your green card and your investment back but not the profits or rather interest (the agency has loaned your money out so neither you nor they own the actual business) and you pay some fees. Now no investment is guaranteed but how this companies structure it is your funds are pumped into a popular franchise to make it very low risk. You don’t care about interest or that your money was used to fund a company now worth multiples you just want to escape the ANC.

Business Model
You as an agency in the target country, you introduce people to their options what it cost and get a commission for every successful client you sign up.

In this program an investor purchases property in a certain country and qualifies for permanent residency. In many countries only certain property (such as new developments) are covered under such a program. Regardless, in this the business model is introducing qualified properties for sale to prospective investors. You could structure yourself as an international estate agency and include residency in the deal as we have seen with Pam Golding.

Copyright Pam Golding

Which countries are popular
You might have seen Mauritius being endlessly shilled in the South African press on places like Moneyweb and Biznews those are all adverts placed by people in this business. Mauritius is sold as best place to do business in Africa and for being only four hours away by flight. But I am not convinced it is the best place, firstly most people want to get as far away as SA as possible, there are European countries for the same amount of money you can get a Portugal/Malta/Greece Schengen (EU) visa allowing you to move freely between European countries and most importantly of all Mauritius is tiny. Have a look at how small it is:

True size of MauritiusTrue size of Mauritius / Copyright TrueSizeOf

Mauritius is popular with executives still working in SA who have moved their families over and visit them on the weekends (leave SA on Friday after work and leave Mauritius Sunday evening). You know the type: the top tools executives from major banks, cellular networks and insurance companies who crow about how they believe in South Africa’s future but charge as much as the market will bear all the while they moved their family out of harms way. To their credit that is a person that cares about their family especially daughters (in SA there is a rape or sexual assault every 25 seconds).