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Buy & Sell Used Cars

The buying and selling of used cars can have one the highest margin per item sold of any buying and selling small business but also has its fair share of problems and stresses. This business buys a used car, adds a markup and resells it. It can be a way to make large profits by only selling a few vehicles compared to other businesses where you have to sell a lot of an item to […]

Buy & Sell Home or Office Contents

The contents of home/office sale business buys the moveable contents (furniture, appliances, anything) of a home or office usually when the family or company is moving to a new home or premises and then resells it for a profit. Market Need Often times, when people or companies are moving there, will be stuff left that they will not take with them, this can be because they no longer need it, don’t have space for it […]

Buy & Sell Factory Rejects

A factory rejects business buys factory rejects or “factory seconds” and resells. It is a popular small business, particularly in lower-income areas. What is factory rejects Factory rejects are items which, through minor fault of manufacture, are sold to for a reduced rate, rather than being discarded. Such goods are often resold at this lower rate after failing the factory’s quality inspection/quality control. Types of reject businesses We’ve seen a few of these businesses in South […]

Start a Hyperlocal Buying & Selling or Service Business

I’m back! If you were thinking that I was kept under house arrest without charge by a Soviet-influenced government and deprived of vape and alcohol then you would be correct. Light up those bootleg cigarettes it is a 1500 word doozy. Today I will look at an emerging trend that has exploded under COVID-19: hyperlocal commerce. What is “hyperlocal commerce” Hyperlocal is defined as “relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or […]

Buy & Sell Job Lots

A job lot is a collection of various items that is bought or sold as a group. There is some good money to be made here if you are interested in a buying and selling business but also some things to look out for. Getting Started To get started in this business you need money to buy the products and you need a place to resell it. Business Model This business model involves buying a […]

Buy & Sell Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets also known as shipping pallets has many uses and can often be purchased for cheap. Start your own business buying and selling wooden pallets. Opportunity Pallets are often used when storing and transporting goods, often times once the products has been delivered and unpacked the pallets are not used again, allowing it to be purchased for cheap and resold. There are lots of uses for wooden pallets: furniture, headboards, desks various “pallet crafts”. This […]

Buy & Sell Persian Carpets

The country of Iran (often also called Persia in Islamic countries) is synonymous with persian carpets or rugs.  Some Persian carpets are worth a lot and are heavily sought after by rich South Africans. This business idea is on how you can start an import and resell business in this industry. Getting Started Before you start, it’s important to decide whether you’re going to sell original expensive Persian carpets or cheap fakes made in other countries (mostly […]

Start a Business Buying & Selling from Auctions

A buying and selling from auction business buys products at auctions and then resells it either from home, garage, storage unit, shop or warehouse. Introduction This is a relatively simple business, go to auction, bid on items that you believe that you will be able to sell for a profit. And if you win the bid great, if you don’t its fine you can’t overpay, don’t get emotionally attached to buying something as auctions can […]

Buying & Selling Business Ideas

A buying and selling business requires little skill outside of basic mathematics but there are other considerations to make this a sustainable business. Product You need a good product to be successful, one this has little competition in your area. You also need to decide whether you want to sell less, more expensive products (with higher profits), or more, less expensive products with less profit margin, this decision will also be influenced by… Location Where […]

Buy & Sell Decorative Stone

Decorative stone is usually sold in large quantities, usually per load. However there is a smaller market that is underserved in South Africa: decorative stone in smaller quantities, by the kilogram. What is decorative stone Decorative stone is any type of crushed natural stone, marble chips, pebbles used for decorative purposes. You see it in sidewalks, alongside ponds in plant pots etc. Market opportunity A lot of people do not want a large load of […]

Buying & Selling Business Opportunities

A buying and selling (retail) business is an easy business to start that requires little skill and capital. But that is also what makes it so competitive; your goal is to find something that can be resold with a profit with little competition. Here are some ideas: Buy and Sell Dust Masks Buy and Sell Firewood Buy and Sell Secondhand Clothing Buy & Sell Vintage and Collectible Toys Buy & Sell Decorative Stone

Buy & Sell Vintage and Collectible Toys

Cooldrink Yoyos

If there was ever a business in South Africa that could realistically turn a R3 into R300 then it would be the vintage and collectible toy business. While such margins are few and far between and while we don’t have a very large market in South Africa so it may take a while to sell, it is possible. What are vintage and collectible toys? People collect various things, from stamps to cars to toys. The […]

Buy and Sell Dust Masks

One of the best ways when starting out with little money and little skills is to be able to buy something for R1 and sell it for R2 (100% markup / 50% profit margin). At least doubling your money has been the foundation of many businesses but it is important to get the right product to sell, something that does not have a lot of competition, something that people will buy in large quantities and […]

Buy and Sell Firewood

Firewood is a multi-million rand business in South Africa and many of the players are small businesses. Start your own business buying and selling firewood. An example of how it works There is usually a farmer that grows the trees on hectares of land, the farmer then gives permission to various smaller cutters to cut down the trees and charges them a fee. These cutters then sells the wood in bulk to resellers usually ~10000 […]

Buy and Sell Bokkoms

Buy bokkoms in bulk

Bokkoms are salted and dried mullet (a type of fish commonly known in the Western Cape as “harders”). The salted fish is dried in the sun and wind and is eaten after peeling off the skin. It is also referred to as “fish biltong”. Bokkoms is an acquired taste; while not as popular as biltong there are quite a few people who really like it and this has opened up a cottage industry – even […]

Buy and Sell Leather Offcuts

Leather offcuts are the remnant pieces of leather that are left after the main pieces have been cut off. Leather offcuts usually come from the remnants of shoes, bags, jackets and even car seats. While some treat it as a waste product and throw it out or sell it for next to nothing others use it for various purposes from arts and crafts and to make smaller leather items such as purses or baby shoes. […]