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Start Your Own Occupational Health & Safety Training Business

Occupational health and safety training is the purpose of training employees in various occupational safety procedures. It is used for purposes of workplace safety (which could cover clients visiting premises as well) as well as compliance purposes where in some industries and for example on ships you need someone on board which has undergone certain training such as fire safety or first aid. Business model This is a simple training course business model, where people […]

Start a Forklift Training Company

A forklift (also known locally as a “hyster”) is a powered industrial truck used in warehouses to lift and move materials over short distances. Start your own business teaching people how to use a forklift to improve their career prospects. Getting started Firstly you are going to have to learn to use a forklift properly or hire an instructor to teach students. You will then need a forklift (can be rented by the day) as […]