Start Your Own Occupational Health & Safety Training Business

Occupational health and safety training is the purpose of training employees in various occupational safety procedures. It is used for purposes of workplace safety (which could cover clients visiting premises as well) as well as compliance purposes where in some industries and for example on ships you need someone on board which has undergone certain training such as fire safety or first aid.

Business model
This is a simple training course business model, where people pay a fee to undergo training and once they have successfully completed the training they will be issued with a certificate, which in many cases will even help their future employment prospects.

Safety courses are also shorter than traditional courses with the added benefit that the course fee is often paid by the employer. This means this might even end up than a better training business than say basic computer courses because companies need this training and will pay for their staff to undergo it.

Different types of courses
There are various types of courses that can be offered. Starting out the most basic is:
First Aid Training (various levels 1, 2, 3 etc.)
Fire Training (various fire hose and extinguisher, fire marshal)
Health & Safety Awareness
Marine fire training
Flagman training

Expanding the business
This business can also be expanded to do scaffold training, ladder safety training and even forklift and crane training.

Start a Forklift Training Company

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Requirements to get started
Depending on what courses you offer, will determine what all you need to get started. First aid will require CPR Manikins and first aid kits.  Fire safety will require more space to conduct drills.

And most important you will need to be accredited including with the department of labour for the purposes of issuing certificates of training under the occupational health and safety act. There is also the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) which is recognized as a professional body to register occupational health and safety practitioners in South Africa. I know some are also accredited with the Health Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA).

Marketing the business
When marketing this business it is important to let employers know the benefits of workplace safety precautions, especially the benefit of having trained staff that knows how to act or react to a workplace accident.