Create an Online Training Course and Sell it on Udemy

Do you have a passion for cooking? Maybe you are a fan of baking or dog training? Or you have some level of expertise in some other particular area like golf? That’s great because you can turn your skills into a successful business opportunity. Why not join Udemy, create your own online course and make some decent extra income?

What is Udemy? Quick overview
The more you learn, the more you earn, says Warren Buffett, who is the most successful investor and one of the wealthiest men in the world. Thus, it is not surprising that we learn more and more year by year. For some people learning has already become a life-lasting habit.
The Internet is a wonderful place to learn new things and… to waste your time. Because there is so many low-quality websites with unverified information this is why special online learning platforms were created. is one of them.
You can learn anything you want on Udemy. On the other hand, you can also become a Udemy instructor. There are thousands of instructors (teachers) who make tons of money every year.

Tools and skills needed
No special skills are needed to become a Udemy instructor, but you do have to have a passion and be able to talk about that passion. In other words, you have to be a good teacher.
When it comes to shooting a video course (most of Udemy courses are videos), you have two ways. Either you create a presentation with PowerPoint, or you shoot yourself.
In both cases, a proper microphone is needed at this point. There is no need to buy expensive studio microphones for tens of thousands of rands. Here are some most popular mikes Udemy instructors are using to make their videos:
Blue Yeti Microphone – R1300
Samson Meteor Microphone – R910

These are the USB microphones, so you need only a microphone and a laptop to shoot your videos.
If you prefer to appear on the screen, you need to have a camcorder or an iPhone. Today any device both an Android and an iPhone will help you shot a nice video that will be accepted by Udemy instructors.

Earning potential
You can sell your course for as much as R1300 ($100). But in most cases, an average price is around R130 – R200 ($10 – $15). If you teach 100 students per month, you’ll be making over R13000 per month (and remember you don’t physically teach them, the video does). It is important to understand that Udemy is about creating passive income streams. You create a course once and make money every time someone purchases it.

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