Design and Print Business Cards

With so many people starting their own business there is a big market for business cards in South Africa. What you will be doing is supplying them with business cards.

You will be selling business cards in batches of 100, each business card is 90x50mm in size (9x5cm), this is a standard size. This means that you will be able to fit 10 business cards on a sheet of A4 size paper or board. If you pay R2 per page (R20 for 10) of business card stock and use around R30 worth of ink to print, you can charge R100 for 100 cards and make a profit of R50 for every batch of 100 cards printed.

Textured business card board

Starting out you can offer business cards in two configurations: printed on a textured board (or linen) or printed on a smooth board and laminated (charge an extra R50).

Choosing the Right Card Stock for Your Business Cards
How to laminate a page or photograph using a pouch laminator
How to Make Clear, Translucent & Frosted Business Cards

Computer and printer
Design and layout software (Inkscape is free)
Inkjet, Laser, Litho or Riso printer
Paper cutter
Laminator (if you making laminated business cards)

Card stock (Business card board/card stock/linen),
Lamination pouches

Business cards being printed