Laser Heat Transfer Business

Laser heat transfer printing is a heat transfer method using a laser printer to output the artwork onto the transfer paper. Like other forms of transfer printing, a special paper is used to print the artwork onto. However, it is also possible to laser print onto standard bond paper and transfer that image onto a surface such as wood using a heat source such as a iron.

To start and run this business you will need:
Equipment: computer, laser printer, heat press (or iron in some cases)
Materials: Toner, laser transfer paper, heat tape
Skills: Design, layout and print, heat press knowledge

Types of transfer paper
The two most popular types of paper available for laser transfer printing is a textile paper used for t-shirts and other apparel. This paper is available for both light coloured and dark coloured garments. The other popular laser transfer paper is a “hard surfaces paper” this paper is used on ceramics (such as mugs), leather, wood and other surfaces such as sheet magnets. Laser heat transfer paper is also used to print onto balls and flip flops.

Laser transfer paper

Heat presses
All heat transfer printing requires a heat source to adhere the image to the surface of the item being printed. The type of heat press you use will depend on the application. You get heat presses for mugs and cups as well as a flat press for flat surfaces such as t-shirts. You also get an “all in one” press which has an attachment for mugs, plates and t-shirts. Other presses available include a ball and cap press.

Ball heat press

Laser heat transfer printing business
As you can see from available papers what type of service you can offer clients, these includes:
Cups and mugs
T-shirts (laser printing is sharper than inkjet printing)
Soccer, rugby, football & softballs
Wooden jewellery boxes
Ball printing

Laser heat transfer printed mini soccer ball