Make and Sell Furniture Made From Wooden Pallets

If you’ve been living under a rock you might have missed a new trend emerge: “pellet crafts” – crafts and projects made from shipping pallets. Those of you who once worked in a warehouse might be familiar with the intended use of this structure that allows heavy goods to easily transported that is now used to make various types of furniture and other crafts. I have even seen such furniture being advertise locally on Gumtree.

Pallets can be used to make anything from chairs, couches, beds, coffee tables and even desks.

Pallet desk

You also get a quarter and half pallet that can be used for interior design such as shelving.

Pallet shelving | Source: Pinterest


Getting a reliable supply of cheap and quality pallets will be the most important, you will also have to properly clean (and most likely sand down the pallets) if you using second hand pallets.

You can also make your own pellets if you have a reliable supply of cheap wood, if there is a sawmill close to you or if you know someone that makes Wendy houses you can ask them if they have wood you can use.

There are lots of plans on the internet how to make various items and you can also look on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Some woodworking skills will be required, but this is again a business that does not require large capital to get started. Pallets are a very common commodity so you should not be having any problems with supply.

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Image credits: homedit

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