Category: Repurposing Business

Start a Campervan Conversion Business

Today we are looking at a business that has become popular on social media, the business of converting a panel van to a camper van. What is a camper van? A campervan, sometimes referred to as a camper, caravanette, or motor caravan, is a self-propelled vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation. The term describes vans that have been fitted out, whereas a motorhome is one with a coachbuilt body. Market Need There are […]

Refurbish, Convert and Sell Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have various uses (shops, offices, housing etc.) outside of their intended purpose. Start your own business refurbishing, converting and selling shipping containers. Getting started Ideally, you are going to need to get a supply of shipping containers and a piece of land to store them while they are being refurbished, converted and on display for sale. The best place to get shipping containers from is shipping companies/liners when they are going to be […]

Make and Sell Toys Made From Repurposed Materials

Using repurposed materials is one of the ways you can start your own business with as little money as possible. Here is how to start your own small business making and selling children’s toys using recycled materials. A wide range of toys can be made from recycled materials, these include: Wire cars and other vehicles Planes made from offcut pieces of wood, or ice lolly sticks Push toys Toys made from tin, wire and beads […]

Make and Sell Furniture Made From Wooden Pallets

If you’ve been living under a rock you might have missed a new trend emerge: “pellet crafts” – crafts and projects made from shipping pallets. Those of you who once worked in a warehouse might be familiar with the intended use of this structure that allows heavy goods to easily transported that is now used to make various types of furniture and other crafts. I have even seen such furniture being advertise locally on Gumtree. Pallets can be […]

Make and Sell Braai’s Made from Washing Machine Drums

Braaing is South Africa’s favourite pastime, but not everyone has a dedicated braai area or can afford a Weber. Cater to this market by making and selling braai’s made from washing machine drums. Process The drum will need to be removed from the machine and you’d have to attach some kind of legs so it can safely stand. Tips The biggest challenge will be to get a constant supply of washing machine drums. Check your […]

Make and Sell Drinking Glasses Made From Bottles

Drinking glasses made from bottles make an interesting gift, not only is it functional but it is also a great gift for a green aficionado as it repurposes the bottle. Process The head of the bottle is cut off to create the glass (the bottom part is the glass). The glass edge is then sanded smooth using fine sandpaper and it can then be used as a glass (or ornament). The glass is cut using […]

Make & Sell Pipe Furniture

One of the formulas to small business success is to make something that has a low material cost and that can sell for a profit high margin, examples include pallet furniture, trestle desks, furniture made from recycled plastic and even concrete furniture. Today we look at something similar but different: pipe furniture. What is pipe furniture? Pipe furniture is furniture and other household items made from pipes, tubes and fittings (including flanges) and another material […]