Make and Sell Toys Made From Repurposed Materials

Using repurposed materials is one of the ways you can start your own business with as little money as possible. Here is how to start your own small business making and selling children’s toys using recycled materials.

A wide range of toys can be made from recycled materials, these include:
Wire cars and other vehicles
Planes made from offcut pieces of wood, or ice lolly sticks
Push toys
Toys made from tin, wire and beads (make sure sharp edges are softened)
Educational toys (abacus counting frame)
Dolls made from offcut material


Marketing your toys
The most important thing is marketing your toys, now I’m sure you’ve seen guys sell wire toys along the side of the road, but is this really the best way? I would suggest selling it more as a premium product (but it has to be well made). To some it is a very unique item compared to the “bland” Fisher-Price toys, you can also try to sell to corporate clients if you can somehow incorporate their branding so they can use it as corporate gifts or to display around the office.