Make and Sell Magnetic Business Cards

A magnetic business card is a business card with a piece of magnet on the back, it also doubles up as a fridge magnet and memo holder. Make and sell magnetic business cards for clients and ensure their brand is looked at multiples times a day. Magnetic business cards will also allow you to charge a premium with little extra work and you will benefit from being able to source self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

You will need magnetic sheet, printable stickers and lamination pouches to create the cards. You can read how to make your own fridge magnets here.

You will need
Skills: How to make glossy stickers from paper labels
Equipment: Computer, printer, lamination machine, paper cutter
Materials: Magnetic Sheet, Printable Paper Sticker, Lamination pouches

Target Market
Target companies like plumbers and electricians who will greatly benefit from their number being close at hand. Other businesses to target include security companies. This business can also be used as a promotional tool where the company logo can be alongside emergency numbers such as fire brigade, poison and police numbers.