10 Niche Transport Business Ideas

Based on the recent surge of traffic I firstly want to say a special GM to all the crypto boi’s who’s plan B has evaporated and now want to start a traditional business.

Today we are looking at something easy, something that does not take a lot of effort or need a lot of skill, something that you can do to earn money while working on a main business or easily hire a driver.

All you need is a vehicle and a driver and you in business. But we know to get specific work is the challenge so we will look at 10 niche ones.

1. Supplying transport to escort agencies
This business transports working girls to and from their clients. With the economy in the current state SA this line of work will increase, increasing demand. Many girls (and Johns) prefer travel due to the discreet nature vs. having a set “venue” which can be bugged for blackmail or worse – raided. It is also risky to pick up girls on the side of their road, safety and reputational risks especially if you have a distinctive vehicle or  number plate like me… or so I’ve heard. Making third party transport the safer option.

2. Limo Driver
While not as busy as a traditional taxi a limo service charges a premium. Also occasionly some cheap limos come onto the market, leaving not a lot of work for breakeven and profit. I don’t know if a lot of executives travel this way in SA so this business has ended up being seasonal such as Matric balls. But I could see this business catering to entertainers being driven to venues because they want to look the part.

3. Staff Transport
While not niche in itself you need to look for niches within. This business transports workers, often low-income general workers. Mainly under two circumstances: after hours to late at night (or very early morning), or to a job site in a specific location which is not accessible to public transport like a stone quarry for example.  This business has gotten more and more dangerous in the last few years as these workers often live in high crime areas.

4. School Transport
School transport takes a big burden off parents and saves them a lot of time. There can be pickup at home only, pickup and drop off to and from school and pickup and drop off at aftercare facilities or all of the above-mentioned.

5. Shuttle service
Another service that can be broad, shuttle is defined as a transport service operating to and from over a short route. This can be from airport to hotel, from main road to mine, from Voortrekker road to whorehouse etc. Depending on how busy this service is or rather if that is your main service. Example if you are contracted then you might not have flexibility but if you are not then you can moonlight as a tour guide as well because as you driving the tourist will ask you questions as you know the area etc. You can even offer number 1 in conjunction with a shuttle. Just don’t offer to find husbands hitmen to kill their wife.

6. Party bus
Can a party bus be a transport service? Yes of course! If there is a big game at the stadium then you can offer to tranport to and from the venue. Or the party bus can be a “after party” where people drink and are dropped off at a certain place.

7. Drunk Driving Service
We spoke about this business before. Driving people home who has had too much to drink. We not talking about a normal taxi service there is Uber et al. for that but driving them and their vehicle home.

8. Transporting niche cargo
Not just humans can be transported anything can. What falls into this category: sensitive, hazardous and dangerous and high value items (which would be high risk due to the danger of inside info).

9. Pet transport
We know how people are over their pets using that logic there is a similar business here. Transporting pets to day care, transporting pets to and from groomers / doggy parlours and the (working with oversea agents) the international transportation of pets.

10. Other types of transport
We just looked at road, what about niche rail, water, air etc.