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Start a Airport Shuttle Business

Airport shuttle service business refers to transporting air passengers to an airport, from and within it. In other words, this is just an ordinary taxi business with one destination. Business Models ●     Airport shuttle services to and from an airport; ●     Airport shuttle services within an airport. Equipment & Materials In either case, you will need to purchase a comfortable bus. Offering transportation services within an airport requires a license, insurance, permits from airport security. If you […]

10 Niche Transport Business Ideas

Based on the recent surge of traffic I firstly want to say a special GM to all the crypto boi’s who’s plan B has evaporated and now want to start a traditional business. Today we are looking at something easy, something that does not take a lot of effort or need a lot of skill, something that you can do to earn money while working on a main business or easily hire a driver. All […]

Start a Motorbike Rental Service Supplying On-Demand Courier Drivers

This motorbike rental business supplies on demand or “last mile” courier drivers (Mr. D, Checkers 60, UberEats etc.) with delivery motorbikes on a rental basis usually a week at a time (lot of apps pay weekly). While there has always been a motorbike rental industry (usually leisure) the on-demand apps has created a new category – and in South Africa a very large market – for cheaper on-demand delivery bike rental. The economics The economics […]

Start a Road Freight Company – Part 1

Scania Golden Griffin - Isn't she a beauty?

Road freight is the process of transporting goods via road compared to air and sea. Today we will look at starting a domestic (within SA) road freight business. Business Model The current road freight industry in SA is dominated by companies that move bulk freight. The road freight business model firstly can be divided into business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) models, I won’t be looking into the business to government (B2G) […]

Start a Contract Transport Business

A contract transport business focuses on the movement of goods and people while being contracted to a specific company. What is contract transport and why do companies use it? In order for a company to move goods or staff from one place to the next they need a vehicle and a driver. A vehicle needs to be maintained, a driver has to be compensated and what happens when the driver falls ill? Why companies outsource […]

Start Your Own Relocation / Transport Service

Almost every South African moves to another place of residence a few times in their lifetime. Moving to another city is always a challenge. Why not take advantage of this and create your own relocation / transport service that will help other people move their stuff to a new location? Overview People always move from one place to another. But this is not the only time they need transport services. Remember the last time you […]

Start a Furniture Removals & Delivery Business

A furniture removals & delivery or bulk courier business allows you to easily earn a managers salary without much skill. The only thing you need is a suitable vehicle and a driver’s licence. This is a popular business with people who have been retrenched or taken the package who then use their lump sum to purchase a vehicle. It can however be started by anyone with capital to purchase a vehicle as the vehicles used […]

Start an Inner City Courier / Parcel Delivery Service

Time is a precious commodity and not many people want to drive from one part of a city to the next especially if they have other more important things to do or better use of their time. Cater to this market by delivering parcels from one part of your city to the other. Not only for private individuals but for companies as well: if a business does too few deliveries it is not viable for […]