Start a Camera Repair Service

If you think about a side business in the abstract, it has to tick certain boxes to make it worth your while. The most obvious is to do something you are already familiar with like something related to your work as a sideline business. If that is not really viable then you either do something related to what you like (hobby) or learn a new skill that will pay enough for the little hours you can put in. Today we look at a camera repair service.

A camera repair service offers a repair, maintenance and cleaning service for cameras and lenses. It requires some electronic knowhow and familiarity with the internals of a camera.

A camera is usually covered under warranty for wear during the first year, once out of warranty owners have to take it to expensive repair centers, that opens up the opportunity. There is even an opportunity for times in which the warranty won’t cover such as the camera falling.

Then there are other less critical things that can go wrong with a camera, the sensor can get dusty or dirty leaving spots on the photo, or fungus can grow in the lens and needs to be cleaned.

How to learn camera repair
This business is not for everyone, it does require a knowledge of electronics. Then there is learning the specifics. I have not seen any camera repair technician courses in SA. The best bet is to get someone to teach you, the other option is to take an online course or read books on the subject. Familiarise yourself with the various camera problems (great if you are already a photographer and know these things) and start practicing on broken cameras (you can also buy broken cameras on the cheap, fix it up and resell it).

The types of books you are looking for would be “camera repair handbooks” there will be available for almost any camera brand (Canon, Nikon Leica etc.) You also get software that connects to the camera via USB to diagnose problems.

The most common types of cameras you will get to repair will be older models, that is because the owners are not willing to pay the “agents price” to repair them.