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Repair & Sell Appliances

If you want to get out of poverty, you need one of three things: labour skills, business acumen or capital. Ideally you need all three. Unfortunately banks rarely (if ever) lend money to startups in South Africa unless they have assets to put up as collateral. This leaves labour skills and business acumen. Business acumen will allow you to make decisions to maximise capitalising on opportunities. But often times you need capital as the most […]

Start a Camera Repair Service

If you think about a side business in the abstract, it has to tick certain boxes to make it worth your while. The most obvious is to do something you are already familiar with like something related to your work as a sideline business. If that is not really viable then you either do something related to what you like (hobby) or learn a new skill that will pay enough for the little hours you […]

Start a Game Console Repair Service

A game console repair service repairs game consoles such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo’s consoles. Opportunity Once a console is out of warranty, the owner has two options: throw it away and buy a new one and repair it. Many people don’t have the money to purchase a new console as they often costs thousands of rands and is hardly an essential item; this is when they look at repair options – one […]

Start a Domestic / Household Appliance Repair Service

Technology has stepped forward so far that it is really difficult to imagine at least one apartment without a lot of household items. And even the most modern and expensive of them are prone to breakage. This determines the ever-growing relevance of the services of masters in repair of equipment. The truth is, many people cannot afford to buy new stoves, microwaves, TVs when it breaks. If you are well versed in electrical appliances and […]

Start Your Own Computer Repair Service

These days more and more people start using a smartphone as their main device to access the Internet. But there are still over one billion desktop computer users worldwide. In South Africa a third of web traffic still comes from a desktop computer. Look at the following diagram: You see? This is why we can assume that millions of South Africans still use desktop computers. Moreover, people want their children to have a computer to […]