Start a Game Console Repair Service

A game console repair service repairs game consoles such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo’s consoles.

Once a console is out of warranty, the owner has two options: throw it away and buy a new one and repair it. Many people don’t have the money to purchase a new console as they often costs thousands of rands and is hardly an essential item; this is when they look at repair options – one of which is the game console manufacturer but this is akin to going to a vehicle manufacturer agent when your car is out of motorplan it is very expensive.

This business requires some electrical knowhow, because the manufacturers don’t provide parts and manuals to third party repair shops, they often depend on parts from China and find resources from places like YouTube, where people have already opened their console and discusses common problems. You should also have taken apart and repaired some consoles yourself before offering this as a service.


Starting out on its own this business may not sustain you might have to be operated as a sideline business, unless you are going to offer auxiliary services such as buying and selling of secondhand game consoles and games. Console modification is also where a lot of money is to be made if you are good at in and want to offer it as a service.

Business Model
This is a service business whereby a client first brings a console for an assessment to see if it can be repaired and if it is worthwhile repairing it (depending on what’s wrong parts and your labour costs might end up adding up close to what a good working condition secondhand console will cost – or even close to a new one considering many parts has to be shipped to South Africa).

Competitive advantage
The main advantage of this business is cost: cheaper that the official repair agent.

Target market
Console owners and parents of console owners.

Business Model Service, Retail
Industry Gaming