Start a Catering & Hiring Company

A catering & hiring company provides the food, service and extras required for hosting an event.

Market need
When people hire a venue such as a hall or community centre that is not a dedicated function venue, besides the food they will need a hiring company to provide them with the items the venue does not provide, stuff that are traditionally not provided by catering companies which specialise in food (they only provide the food and the items required to service the food: ladles, tongs, spoons, etc ). This includes tables and chairs (most halls have chairs but its ugly), linens (including table cloths and napkins), stage backdrops. Basically an all in one solution revolving around guests seating, eating and service (waiters).

This business has three components to it: food, service and hiring extras. That means to start this business you will need both a kitchen and storage space, as well as serving and cleaning staff.

This business supplies the following:
Waiters / Serving of food
Tables and chairs (including arranging it)
Tablecloths (in a variety of options/colours)
Serving ware (chafing dishes, cake stands, serving spoons etc.)
Stage backdrop (Some even provide stages)
Clearing the venue afterwards

Basically an all in one integrated solution, once the people have the hall, all they will need is you and their sound people (which is a different discipline).

This is actually three businesses in one, and you don’t have to offer an all in one service, you can just offer food (to a venue with existing service, tables and cutlery), or you can just provide service (to a venue that already has food and seating) or you can just provide tables and chairs (if the venue already has food and service but not seating).

How to quote
When proving a quotation it is very important to divide your costs up into three groups mentioned above when quoting, even when it’s a all in one service, this will allow you to see your real expenses and quote accordingly:
1. Food only
2. Service (including cutlery)
3. Tables and chairs (these are heavy, they take up storage space and needs large transport – all things that need to be factored in)

You take all this into consideration, then you work out a cost per person (based on number of guests), based on the food, service (number of waiters needed) and extras including tables and chairs, obviously factoring in your profits. There are some things you will need to consider and this will be based on variables such as how many people can sit at a table (which will not only change how many tables you will need, but how many waiters you will need, one waiter can serve three small tables but not three very large tables).

Target market
This is a popular service in lower income areas where people cannot afford to hire complete venues which cost hundreds of rands per person. So they hire a local hall and they hire a catering and hiring company. This service removes the need to hire two companies and is able to offer a more integrated service (everything gets brought and removed at once).

Sales & marketing
This is usually a local business, so you have to advertise in your community with flyers, but also online on places like Gumtree.

Type Service
Sector Events & Conferences, Catering
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