Start an Envelope Printing Business

An envelope printing business prints custom branded envelopes for businesses usually containing their logo and return address.

Even though Email is replacing snail mail many businesses still send out paper envelopes, also envelopes have other uses besides mail, such as for quotations or internal correspondence.

Envelope printing is often (but not always) a single colour print job, this means you can use high speed low cost process such as lithographic printing, but there is no need for a large machine, this business can be run from a room using a Risograph machine. For smaller quantities a laser printer or even a photocopier with the appropriate feeder can be used, once quotation is accepted a deposit should be required to proceed with work (in businesses like this it is advised to require at least a 50% deposit as the printed envelope will have no used to anyone else besides the company).

Business Model
This business model is pretty straightforward, a client will provide requirements: size, colour and type of envelope (window or windowless), as well as printing colour and size of print. A client may or may not provide their own envelopes. This will allow you to make an accurate cost estimate, add your markup and provide a quotation.

Competitive Advantage
Envelope printing is a smaller niche within the competitive printing industry. Some printing companies will offer it as well, but by specialising in envelope printing you can set your machines up to do just the standard envelope sizes, allowing you to optimize your workflow resulting in faster turn around and cheaper costs.

Target Market
This service is often targeted at businesses although you can also target schools, churches and clubs. There is also another market you can target and that is the gift market such as thank you and holiday themed envelopes, of which hot foil stamping is a popular printing process to use.

Gift envelope
Business Model Service
Equipment Litho printer, Risograph or hot foil stamping machine
Materials Envelopes, Ink
Sector Printing