Start an Online English Teaching Agency

Millions of people around the world take English lessons online to learn the universal language in order to broaden their study and work opportunities. An English teaching agency offers teaching lessons over the internet. Here is how to get started.

There are opportunities out there for people to teach English on various platforms, what an English teaching agency does is bring teachers together in an office setting (usually a call centre type setup) and they take a cut of every lesson the teacher does). In other words, the agency secures the work and then recruits teachers to do the work.

There are two ways to secure work: one is to become an agency to an existing platform and partner as a service provider, the others is to operate on the open market and on various websites, basically setting up profiles for each teacher and taking a cut of every lesson they teach.

The ideal environment is a call centre setup; this business is often conducted after hours, due to the time differences in various countries, that means if you can secure the use of a call centre after hours, or even diversify an existing call centre to offer English language after hours. Many of the teachers that do this do it after hours as a sideline job.

Business Model
The agency business model takes a cut of every lesson billed, often 50%, so if a lesson is billed at R130 ($10) an hour, the agency gets R65 and times that by amount of teachers and you can have a fantastic business. If you have 10 teachers you make R650 an hour, if you have 100 you make R6500 per hour.

Why I say a call centre setup is ideal is because it already has everything you need: desks, chairs, computers and high-speed internet. Headphones, microphones and webcams will be needed for every computer.

The agency model is an excellent business to be in whether you doing subjects or language. And English language tutors are not hard to find in SA, you can look at hiring students in various different fields (teaching, literature, linguistics, philology etc.) and even for existing teachers looking to make extra money. Many people would like to teach English online but don’t have the equipment or the space at home and an agency provides that and takes a cut for doing so.

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