Start a Reed Diffuser Business

Reed diffusers are a popular home fragrance product. Reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent and a pleasant scent is emitted into the atmosphere. It is one of the hottest trends right now and rightfully so the fragrance it releases is far superior than those founds in commercial air fresheners.

 Market Need
Most people want a nice smelling home without the need to constantly spray air freshener. Automatic air fresheners are expensive to buy and maintain and the smell is not that great. Reed diffusers are a better option. But the potential is beyond the home; fragrances are very popular in retail settings as well. There is even a name for it: Scent Marketing which is defined as “the use of a strategically chosen fragrance diffused at customer touchpoints. The right fragrance and strategy will communicate a clear, likable brand identity. Scent marketing increases sales and brand loyalty by creating unique customer experiences.” There are thus companies that even develop custom scents. If you have ever been inside or walked pass a homeware store like Coricraft you might have noticed a nice scent. Even though it is say sandalwood it is unlikely you will get that exact scent commercially as it has been custom developed.

The business
This business is the manufacture and trade in diffuser oil kits as well as it independently: the oil, reeds/sticks, glass bottles as well as wooden stands. This is also a great small business as it is not expensive to get into. With diffiuser oil retailing up to R100/100ml (R1000/liter), there is potential in both manufacture, wholesale and retail. When it comes to sales channels this is a popular kiosk business with a sales mix that includes aromatherapy, bath salts and himalayan salt lamps. Such a business can even be extended to resemble a small scale Body Shop selling natural and sustainable skin care, perfume and cosmetic products.

A more lucrative business is the electric diffuser which instead of reeds heats up the oil electronically. While commercial electric diffusers are expensive there are ways to make them cheaper and not as fancy as the ones that cost thousands of rands.

Training Course
Create Bath and Body Products From Natural Ingredients. Make your own natural bath and body products at home. A step by step guide to creating your own products and recipes.