Buy & Sell Generic Perfume

Generic perfume is perfume “inspired by” international brands, basically it smells the same, but its not made by the company that originally manufactured it and sells for a fraction of the price.

Business Model
This business buys generic versions of expensive branded perfume from manufacturers and resells it to the end user. So you will basically buy it from the manufacturer for x amount and resell it for a profit.

In order to run this business you need stock of perfume as well as a catalogue of what you can supply. If you can afford it or if your supplier is willing to give you for free, you can get samples to let your customers smell what it smells like. But because this is generic versions of major brands people can also go to places like Edgars to smell what the brand would smell like and then buy the cheaper version from you.

Finding a supplier
This business has taken off tremendously in SA in recent years. In most major cities there are multiple manufacturers of generic perfume. If you can’t find any in your business district, look on Gumtree for suppliers closest to you.

Marketing your business
The best place to market this is in places with lots of people: workplaces (especially end of month), market stalls, busy places etc.

Growing your business
The obvious way to grow this business is to become a manufacturer of generic perfume yourself, and then have agents sell your product. Now you won’t necessarily make more profit per bottle doing that but you will be selling more and making more money, that is because you will have multiple people selling your product.

Business Model Retail
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Industry Beauty