Start a Vinyl Wall Art (Stickers & Decals) Business

Vinyl wall art/stickers/decals is wall décor made from cutting vinyl into various shapes or letters.

Getting Started
A vinyl cutter is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can start a business with (and the materials are cheap). You can start a service business such as a signage business (vinyl pasted on Correx/Perspex/Chromadek/ABS Plastic/Magnetic sheet) or a heat transfer t-shirt business but you can also use your vinyl cutter to start a product business such as making and selling stickers for cars or glass sliding doors. Today I will be looking at a product business that can be started with a vinyl cutter that has pretty good margins: the wall art business.

What is vinyl wall art?
Vinyl wall art is removable graphics that are pasted onto walls indoor, usually in residential houses but also for commercial purposes. These usually contain quotes, shapes such as hearts or stars or both quotes and stars.  Unlike a custom signage business these are usually sold as a product (the person applies it themselves), yes you can cut it as the order comes in, but it is also sold off the shelf (Mr. Price Home sells vinyl wall art in their stores), and they can also be sold over the internet (the vinyl is usually rolled up and shipped in a mailing tube).

These wall art/stickers/decals/murals/graphics/lettering whatever you want to call it, is removable and does not leave a residue providing you used the right vinyl.

Learn Vinyl Cutting & Create Your Own Wall Sticker Business (Online course)

Business Model
Your business model will depend on your sales channel (where your product is sold), but this should be treated as a product business. Work our your cost + add profit taking into consideration the time to cut & prepare + and add a small percentage for vinyl cutter wear and tear (new blades). Also if you have a business that depends on a single piece of equipment make sure that you are putting a percentage of profit away in case any thing happens to your machine.

Also make sure to include an installation guide with your product:

Image credits: AliExpress, DHgate