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Start a Vinyl Wall Art (Stickers & Decals) Business

Vinyl wall art/stickers/decals is wall décor made from cutting vinyl into various shapes or letters. Getting Started A vinyl cutter is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can start a business with (and the materials are cheap). You can start a service business such as a signage business (vinyl pasted on Correx/Perspex/Chromadek/ABS Plastic/Magnetic sheet) or a heat transfer t-shirt business but you can also use your vinyl cutter to start a product […]

Start a Neon Signage Company

The signage industry is massive in South Africa but it’s also very saturated, in situations like this when you know there is a large market you need to look for a niche that is both profitable and not too competitive. In the signage industry we know, 9 out of 10 businesses are a vinyl on Correx/Perspex/Chromadek/ABS type of business. That means there are opportunities for companies that specialise in different kinds of signage: hand-painted signs, […]

Signage Business Opportunities in South Africa

Signage like printing is another business that does not cost a lot to enter, in fact you can even start a sustainable business with a small vinyl cutter, and like printing for this very reason it is quite competitive that is why you need to find ways to constantly adapt, keep your company in people minds, advertise on your local Gumtree, when you see a shop front open drop your card off, make fridge magnets […]

Start a Frosted (sandblast look) Window Business

A frosted window business applies sandblast look vinyl to windows for various purposes including branding, decorative, privacy and safety. Prelude The cheaper and easier a business is to start the more competitive and less lucrative it is. A highly lucrative business usually requires both skills and capital, and when I say skills I mean expertise that took a long time to master, something like web development which is a lucrative business if you are proficient. […]

Start a Digital Signage Company

If you have an interest in signage, advertising or media but don’t want to get into the hypercompetitive vinyl/Chromadek/Perspex/Correx/PVC canvas/ABS plastic signage market, the digital signage industry is something to look at. Digital signage uses LED, LCD or projection screens to display images, video or other rich media and has various applications from advertising health products in a doctors waiting room to large screens inside of malls. Markets Digital signage is not just used for […]

Start a Signage Company

There are new businesses popping up all the time, and what is one of the things they will surely need? Signage! Not only that but exiting business also need signage for promotions or rebranding, tap into this market by starting your own signage company. Today the most popular way to make signage is by cutting vinyl and pasting it onto a substrate such as corrugated plastic (Correx), acrylic sheet (Perspex) or metal roof sheets (Chromadeck). […]