Food Business Ideas

Depending on what you making, a food business is one that requires little skill and capital to start out. Getting started the equipment (pots, pans, ovens) and materials (flour etc.) you either already have at home or can be purchased at any grocery store. Yes growing this business into something more substantial requires skill, industrial equipment and even a commercial kitchen but that does not mean that you shouldn’t try.

Food reduces a lot of the requirements and risk associated with a new business (everyone eats it and needs it), but you need a good location and it has its downsides (most foods are perishable and has an expiry date). That is why common sense dictates when starting out keep your variety low, purchase ingredients that can be used in various different configurations. Example: potatoes can be used to make and sell hot chips, chip rolls, as a side for burgers, as wedges and even in a salad.

Here are the food business ideas we looked at in 2017:
Grow and Sell Mushrooms
Make and Sell Biltong
Make and Sell Ring Donuts
Start a Bread Making Business
Buy and Sell Bokkoms
Start a Raw Potato Chip Supply Company
Make and Sell Paaper Bites
Make and Sell Pork Scratchings
Open a Caravan Take-Aways
Run a Baking Business from Home
Start a Food Truck Business
Open Up a Dessert Trailer
Buy & Sell Popcorn Kernels