Hire out Slot Car Racing Tracks

One of the benefits of operating a hiring business is that it has recurring income without a lot of the worries that plague other types of businesses. But a lot of existing party event rental businesses (such as jumping castles) has a lot of competition, so you have to try something different. I’ve covered hiring out racing simulators and putt-putt courses which has less competition. Today we’ll be looking at starting a business hiring out slot car racing tracks and cars.

What is stock car racing?
Slot car racing is the hobby of racing with miniature cars (or other vehicles) which are guided by grooves or slots in the track on which they run. Both the cars and tracks come in various sizes and configurations.

Getting started
You get commercial tracks that you can purchase such as those from Ninco but tracks can also be built using injection molded plastic, chip board or fiber board. To make it even more appealing you can build tracks that resemble real life race courses, with miniature landmarks such as buildings and trees around it.

Car size: For rental purposes you should not go smaller than 1:32 scale, preferably 1:24 scale, this means the track needs to be large enough to be entertaining, so you will need at least a trailer to transport it. You will also need to have various cars available, at least one for each lane (and more for backup).

Target market
Slot car track rental is part of the events business; your target market should be parties (especially if it’s racing themed), and mall events such as fun days as well as other types of get-togethers, indoor events, park events etc. You can also make prizes available for the winners.

Business model
Charge a daily fee compensating for travel and setup costs as well.

This business requires a bit of research and knowhow, but delivers a fun and memorable experience when done correctly.

Business Model Hiring
Equipment Slot car tracks, slot cars, trailer or bakkie to transport track
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