Start a Business Selling Retro Items

Today we will be looking at the niche business of the retro product business.

One of the most common sales questions is “What are you selling?”

When selling something you are trying to figure out what it is that people need or want and what it is that they will buy. It is often said that people aren’t interested in buying a product or service they are interested in the benefits of buying.

In South Africa people don’t buy burglar bars pay for armed response they are buying safety (because SAPS is incompetent), people don’t pay for medical aid they pay for decent healthcare (as our public healthcare is barely functioning). This can apply to numerous things: condoms, you don’t want to pick up a disease or pay for a child until they turn 18 etc.

So what are you really selling when you are selling retro items? Nostalgia – an idyllic reminder of days gone by and it looks cool. Not only that but it it can be lucrative if the recent fashion trends is anything to do by (Vans, Fila, retro Nikes) etc.

What are popular retro items
Sega consoles and Sonic games
Nintendo consoles, Game Boys
8 bit TV games
Game emulators containing retro games
Various fashion
Retro soccer jerseys
Rotary dial phone (great with retro decor)