Offer 3D Printing as a Service

It would be great if you could just buy one tool and start a small business with it, wouldn’t it? While a shovel is the most common example which comes to mind, the idea of buying a shovel and building a business around trench digging requires not only a tool, but also time and a lot of physical effort.

Can you buy some other tool that could work automatically? You can! This tool is a 3D printer. Even though it doesn’t work fully automatically, it requires little care.

Ten years ago we couldn’t even imagine that clothes, foot prosthesis, and even houses can be built with this technology. Since in the near future more and more things will be produced with 3D printing, why not take advantage of this and start your own small business with only one device – a 3D printer?


In order to start a business you will need:

  • An office space. This might be your garage or a small space in an office building.
  • A 3D printer itself. The price starts at R2000, but if you’re going to start a serious business and print a lot of things, it’s better to buy a more expensive and more stable and professional device.
  • 3D printing materials which this service uses as a source material. You will need plenty of it.

Watch a video where a 3d printer business owner shares lessons he learned while running this business

Lessons Learned from Starting a 3D Printing Business

Have you thought about starting your own 3D printing business? Let Darrel give you a taste of what it’s been like for him and see if it might be for you. Read the full post on the re:3D blog: ____ Music: Instagram : Twitter :

3D Printing Ideas
Before you buy a printer and invest any money it’s important to ask yourself where the demand is, what type of work will your clients be looking to do. One of the most popular uses for 3D printers is to build prototypes for rapid prototyping.

3D Printer - Bre Pettis
3D Printer – Bre Pettis

Earning potential

A young entrepreneur from South Africa Grant Gabrielsons is a well-known personality in a 3d printing industry. He started printing 3d personalized chocolate molds and selling them worldwide in 2014 and achieved great success.

If you research a lot and come up with the idea of creating a unique useful product, you can literally become a millionaire.

Just find your niche, study the demand and take action. In this case, not only will you be able to make some good money, but maybe you will change the whole industry.

Business Model Manufacturing Service
Materials 3D Printing materials: PVC, PLA, ASA, PET, Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber etc.
Training Courses Getting Started with 3D Printing
The Complete 3D-Printing Course – Masterclass
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