Start a Healthy Baking / Bakery Business

The food industry can be competitive which is why you need to find a niche where the margins are good enough to make a sustainable business. One of the less competitive food niche’s is the healthy bakery niche where people are willing to pay a premium for a quality product.

What is healthy baked foods
There are various items that can be baked and sold:
Gluten free breads (R50 at Woolies for a 375g loaf)
Naturally sweetened pecan pie
Carrot muffins
Oat muffins
Gluten free almond cake
Pumpkin bread

Taking your product to market
The cheapest and easiest to take your product to market is to sell to existing outlets, such as restaurants that want to add healthy products to their menu. This will mean less risk, lower overheads but lower margins.


The second option is to sell at various fresh markets, this is often the most common strategy, while not as cheap as selling to stores it is far cheaper and less risky than opening your own restaurant.

The other option is to open your own bakery, while it can be argued with so many unhealthy fast food outlets and people eating unhealthy diets that a healthy alternative will be a welcome addition this is not always the case and the market might be too small so do your research before investing a lot of money.


Targeting specific markets
One way to achieve success in the niche food business is to target specific markets, vegan being a good example. That means gluten free, dairy free and egg free products. While it will cost more to produce a vegan cake, the consumer it is aimed at has no problem paying a premium for it.

Product strategy
While you can produce a variety of products try to specialise in a product or a type of product that you can become known for.

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