Operate a Food Truck on Weekends

If you are passionate about cooking but not able to quit your day job why not start a weekend food truck business?

A food truck business makes and sells food, basically a take-aways on wheels. But food trucks often sell more interesting and exotic meals than a normal take-aways and this is one way that a food truck differs from a caravan take-aways which sells more basic foods like fish & chips. Popular items sold on food trucks include Mexican foods like nachos, wraps, shawarmas etc. Delicious premium meals.
Depending on the location, you can open a dessert trailer, but food trucks selling savory foods are more popular.

Besides the kitchen equipment, the most important component of this business is the truck. Here you have a few options: buy new (most expensive), buy and convert (time consuming) or buy a second hand truck and just rebrand the signage. Buying secondhand can be the most economical especially if you buying private and not from a broker (yes there are food truck brokers in South Africa). Sometimes the truck has been kitted out for a certain purpose (pizza, coffee, grill) so just make sure it will work for your needs without spending too much on modifications.

Location is very important. You want a high traffic venue, you also have to decide whether you will stick to one place or travel around. What you can do is, is have a weekly venue like a flea market or main road and do special events such as music concerts when available.

Depending on what you have in your food truck, you might need some certificates from the local municipality (for gas) as well as a health certificate. Be prepared to kit your truck out with both a fire extinguisher as well as a first aid kit.

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