Start an Entertainment Promotion & Event Management Business

With restrictions being lifted and things trickling back to normal people are clamouring to get out after two years of restrictions. People are so desperate for entertainment that even two-bit DJ’s, comedians and events planners are making money. Now is also a good time to start buying secondhand equipment on the cheap as many entertainers sold their speakers, DJ and lighting equipment to buy shops when they could no longer use it to feed their families.

Business Model
If you are talentless in the entertainment field then the best model is that of “promoter” where you connect venues with entertainers such as DJ’s, comedians but also set up events. This is talking from a small business perspective. You will essentially act like an agent with various entertainers on your books who then get booked out as needed you would usually charge the venue and pay the entertainer.

What we have seen in COVID times is that venue owners will make a venue available for a promoter who has to draw their own crowd and gets to keep the takings for their ticket sales while the people visiting the venue will then support the venue by purchasing liquor and food.  This ends up being a win-win as the promoter will hopefully draw enough people to the venue so both him and the venue owner can benefit.

Like I said before even small time entertainers might be able to pull a crowd as things go back to normal and people go out. There are various types of entertainment to look at:

DJ’s & Karaoke’s
Comedians / open mic
Rap cyphers etc.

This can also be extended to competitions such as darts and snooker/pool