Start a Helium Balloon & Gas Distribution Business

A helium balloon and gas distribution business sells helium balloons wholesale and rents the gas canisters to people who would in turn either resell the balloons in a retail store or to event planners that handle large parties.

Balloons are an integral theme in many parties, product launches, anniversaries, weddings it is often used as decor.

This business supplies the balloons in bulk and the helium tanks (that has to be returned).

Target Market
Your clients will either be party shops or event planners that use large quantites of balloons. If a party needs a lot of balloons it is difficult to transport those balloons inflated. This is why large event planners inflate the balloons at the venue and for that they will need a helium tank.

This business supplies helium balloons (in various shapes, designs, sizes and types: latex, foil etc.) as well as helium gas in a tank. The tank is usually not sold and has to be returned after a certain amount of time. Whereby you will refill it and make it available to the next client. Helium is often used to inflate balloons as helium is lighter than air, it allows balloons to float and not sink to the floor. You will also need a regulator for the helium tank.

There is also a market to supply related products: ribbons, weights to make balloon bouquets etc. This business can also be grown to offer a custom balloon printing service.